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After Pride Party 2004

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Our 10th year at Chuck & Carlos's place

As you can see on in the previous photos, we all worked VERY HARD on our Pride Parade 2004 activities.  To celebrate yet another astonishing success, we just had to have a party.

As has been the custom for the past 10 years, Chuck and Carlos hosted this gala event.

Thanks to Kathy H. and Chuck & Carlos for photos.

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We had to recognize all the volunteer work that went into Pride 2004.  Below are just a few of the award winners.  Thanks to everybody who helped so much.

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And the Academy Award for Best Costumes...

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In recognition of all her hard work creating colorful costumes for Pride 2004 and the three previous Pride Parades, Ann J. was presented with the "Most Outrageous and Creative Float" plaque awarded to Azalea Park for this year's efforts.  

Congratulations Ann! 
We couldn't get dressed without you.

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Event 8/7/04