The Royal and Ancient Volleyball Club of Azalea Park
The legend continues in 2004

Volleyball in Azalea Park began in 2001.  It was Dave and Wendy's idea.  As you can see by the emblem above, Dave and Wendy take fun seriously.  Nice artwork.

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We currently meet on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in Hollywood Park.  Look for the net.  You can see it from the parking lot at the park.  Check the EVENTS webpage for more information.  Come join us!

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Rebecca doing her VICTORY dance
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Some of us would rather just watch.
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Founding Members:

Thom T

Michael S


Wendy S

Rita W

Tom & Larry

Paul C

Lynn T

Rick P

Rebecca Y

Karen B

Bob W

Robin S

Mike H

David S


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Don't worry if you don't play well.  It is all for fun anyway.  There are official Volleyball rules, but we usually ignore them completely.  We also have a tendency to make up NEW RULES as we go along.

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7/22/01 (Updated 5/17/03)