Second Annual Yard Sale!

Just  another excuse to hang with the neighbors?  Or maybe we just needed a little extra cash for pizza.  Azalea Park hosted it's 2nd annual yard sale.  This year we were a little more organized so we could participate with the recreation center's sale.

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Our sponsors:

Last year's yard sale was a SCREAMING success.  Thanks Joni and Mike.  Mike and Miguel organized activities this year together with Rosalia from the Azalea Park Recreation Center.  Lots of neighbors helped out with the details. Thanks neighbors!  We all had a great day!

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A special comment from Michael & Miguel about the photo to the left: "This is the best way to help in the yard sale.  She really is working hard for the money"


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Neighbors went through their garages, closets, drawers and cabinets to drag out all that unused stuff.  We had another beautiful and sunny San Diego weekend.  And now we have a little extra spending cash!

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