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The Brick Brigade

Neighbors helping neighbors
Photos provided by courtesy of Linda P. and Marina S.

Residents of Azalea Park are there to help when a job is too big for one household to handle.  We have a history of "Community Barn Building".  Calls for help have been answered to paint several houses, remove broken concrete and build fences.  Nobody will ever forget the EMERGENCY deck construction in July of 2003.  We needed a place to party in a big hurry!

TheBrigade.jpg (65231 bytes)
The loaders!

TopOfTheHeap.jpg (118444 bytes) GetThatBrickTom.jpg (57525 bytes)
NearTheEnd.jpg (61315 bytes) 

This time it was Sandy and Marina asking for help to move 10 pallets of heavy concrete retaining-wall bricks from street level down three stories to the base of the canyon.  It was hard work, but with the help of 20 or so neighbors and friends, the job went quickly.

MarinaGrabsAnother.jpg (62120 bytes) EndOfTheLine.jpg (64434 bytes) TheStack.jpg (70769 bytes)

BottomOfThePile.jpg (60678 bytes)
In the middle of all this back-breaking work, some of us still found time for a game of tetherball.

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Even after all the bricks were moved, neighbors continued to pitch in.  See the progress below:

before.jpg (59511 bytes) before1.jpg (75935 bytes)
First they had to dig it all out.

during1.jpg (70476 bytes) during2.jpg (80685 bytes)
Smiling neighbors with aching backs.

after1.jpg (72535 bytes) after2.jpg (89964 bytes)
The FINISHED product!
(Well, finished for now.  There is still some landscape work to do...)


Event 5/31/04