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Pre-Pride Preparations
Marching together to different drums

One of the many great things about living in Azalea Park is the diversity of our community.  We have a variety of talented residents who are willing to provide their support to community projects.

Below you will see photos of our residents working together toward a common goal.  We want to attract even MORE great neighbors.  Our San Diego Pride Parade participation is only one way to improve our community.  But truly, the ultimate goal is to HAVE FUN!

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Tiki Man
or maybe Tiki Woman?
How about Tiki Person?

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The Beaders

The preparation of the Pride Parade propaganda is complete. We are pleased to announce the completion of a total of 5,040 beaded necklaces, each with a tag displaying the web site address, booth number, and AZALEA PARK - STRENGTH THROUGH DIVERSITY. The necklaces themselves are diverse in colors and patterns to reflect the diversity of the neighborhood. Sincere thanks to all those who contributed to this effort by cutting string, beading necklaces, adding tags, or entertaining the laborers. 

We will have do-it-yourself supplies at the booth for festival goers that want to make their own customized necklaces. 

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The Day Before

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Thanks Photographers Kathy H. and Tom L. 

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Event 5/31/04